Lucidum stands for the highest integrity, credibility of our products and services as well as transparency in all we do.

Our Vision

We contribute to higher levels of risk governance enablement in the economies in which we operate and assist our clients to achieve outcomes that will –

  • embed an ethical culture across their organisations;
  • enhance their legitimacy in the societies where they do business;
  • enable them to create optimal value; and
  • ensure that adequate and effective controls are in place at efficient cost.

Partners & Associates

Lucidum works in close association with professional bodies and other governance influencers, including the following:

Professional Bodies:


  • MSD Executive Consulting Services, Michael Duncan (Governance, Risk and Insurance Services)
  • Simply Ethics, Lorraine Smith (LLB, Certified Ethics Officer, Senior Associate of Ethics Institute)
  • Turricula Risk Advisory, Dr. Arthur Linke (MBA, PhD, Research Fellow University of Stellenbosch Business School)
  • RXNet (Pty) Ltd
  • Optentia Research Focus Areas (See More)
  • Center for Applied Risk Management (See More)
  • SimpleXity Consulting

Codes & Standards:

  • King Code of Corporate Governance for South Africa (See More)
  • Code for Responsible Investing in South Africa (See More)
  • Integrated Reporting (See More)
  • ISO 31 000 Risk Management Standard (See More)
  • ISO 19 600 Compliance Management Systems (See More)
  • COSO Enterprise Risk Management - Intergrated Framework (See More)

What Our Clients Say

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